DNS Server?

Hi all. I apologize if this is not the right forum for this type of request.

I need to replace a BIND server at home and wanted to know if there is any software/instructions available to configure my 5N as a DNS Server? My preference would be to use BIND, but I’m willing to try anything that would work effectively.

Thanks in advance.

Well, the firmware contains a small static DNS server (/usr/sbin/dnsd), which is part of busybox. Maybe you can use that?

Thanks for the response, Ricardo.

Unfortunately, the BusyBox DNS daemon is very simple and doesn’t have the means to run a proper authoritative DNS server.

Given that some DNS deployments can be very memory intensive, it might be a good reason for me to run DNS off it’s own dedicated box again instead of attempting an A-I-O deployment.

Thanks again, Ricardo.