Displaying Status in the System Area icon

Why doesn’t Drobo Dashboard (2.2.3) update its status in the icon in the Windows “System Tray”? (which I believe is correctly called the “Notification Area”)

At the moment, my Drobo is rebuilding following a drive failure and replacement, but the lights in the icon have remained a cheerful green throughout.

I have several applications which change their icons to attract attention, such as SyncBackPro and “3M Digital Postit Notes” which use flashing or even animation in their icons. So, it doesn’t seem all that hard…

If you wanted to be truly impressive, you could even update the three blue capacity lights to give a crude indication of free space status (say, up to 50%, up to 94% and 95+%) but that might just be showing off…

lots of icons in that area do animate, including syncback se :slight_smile:
a lot of default windows 7 machines seem to hide lots of icons unless you try to force them to be displayed, especially if you have a lot, but it might actually be a handy feature.

whenever i have seen a message popup about low space or something else, i tend to open up the actual dashboard but yes it might be handy.

I’d rather that development time and expense be put into displaying drive temps in Dashboard :slight_smile:

In the (paper) manual that came with my DroboV2, there was a picture of Drobo Dashboard, in the Notification area, with a mouseover tooltip showing the %age used.

I really liked the look of that feature, but it’s not been in any version of Dashboard that I’ve had…

I can see the problem - it would get complicated if you had multiple Drobos.

The removal of the usage balloon was one of the “features” of the V2 dashboard upgrade. A lot of us missed that, and complained for awhile but we got over it :).

I thought about the problem of multiple Drobos. But the way Dashboard V2 works is that you do not get any status data until you select a Drobo., After that point, all the various pages of data display and as far as I know if you have multiple Drobos then the selected Drobo will remain selected “forever” (or of course, until a different Drobo is selected but in all cases there will thereafter always be a “currently selected Drobo”.

Based on that, the icon could do anything Drobo wanted it to do, all based on the selected Drobo. It’s not a logical disconnect.

I also think that if Dashboard only sees one Drobo then it should automatically select that Drobo. The logic for that is not Rocket Science either, and the vast majority of Dashboard users probably only have one Drobo. It would just save a couple of clicks and a moderate wait. On my system I need to wait 5-10 seconds after I click my one Drobo before Dashboard responds and enables the other page views.

I’ve suggested the same thing on more than one occasion, but it’s pretty clear that the Dashboard devs (and the management behind that component) aren’t exactly rocket scientists either.

i see that small pie icon on win xp, but that still uses the 1.3.7/1.7.3 version combo, and must agree its pretty nice, especially since you can click on it and it uses (i think) a .net process which very quickly brings a popup window into focus where you can 1-click select the other drobo tab if you have multiple).

maybe it will appear again in a future dashboard where people can choose to have a mini-drobo icon with actual drive lights/leds representing the actual drobo, or choose to have that basic pie icon again…

There’s also the possibility of some third-party writing a utility that gives us charts and graphs. I know Ross Dargan’s Drobo WHS 2011 add-in makes pie charts, and requires Drobo Dashboard running, so it’s querying somehow.

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