Disks shown as Raw

Have a 5C with 5 drives of various sizes. It crashed a couple years ago, and honestly I was so mad/disgusted/scared I just walked away from it. But I DO need some data off this, so I dusted it off and decided to look back into getting the disks read.

All disks have green lights… and 8/10 blue lights lit- thats what I beleive to be correct.

Dashboard connects fine and shows all green. With the exception of wanting me to upgrade from 4.1.4 to 4.2.3 firmware, al looks good. (Side question- SHOULD I upgrade?)

When connected windows wants me to format the drives.

I ran chkdsk and it says format is RAW.

I think I ran recovery software once and it showed the data was there… I REALLY think just something in the Drobo choked… but I dunno.

So anyone here with any ideas how I can recover?

Can you get hold of another Windows PC/laptop and install a Dashboard and see if you get the same result? This will assist in confirming if there is a compatibility issue with you current Windows PC first?

Updating the firmware “should not” interfere with the data on the array, but with your earlier crash, no-one can be sure.

Hi Twin!

Thanks for the input. Yes I can, and I get the exact same results.

Right now I am running Data Rescue from Prosoft Eng. (https://www.prosofteng.com/) and it is slowly making its way through…

10 billion blocks checks so far of 137 billion blocks… so I estimate 10 days for this to provide results (if any!)

I am NOT upgrading firmware for the time being…