Disks Migration Drobo -> Drobo-s AND BACK ?

According to the FAQ, it is possible to move a whole disk set from Drobo-V2 to Drobo-S, and it works without any reformatting (assuming dual disk redundancy remains deactivated).
But does anybody know if the reverse is true, and if one can move back a 4-disks set from Drobo-S (wo/ dual disk redundancy) to Drobo-V2 ?

No, you cannot.

Thanks for the (disappointing) answer Docchris.
To me it looks very silly for Data Robotics to force that, since it means you cannot use a Drobo-S for a Drobo-V2 backup, which is one more hurdle for a smooth upgrade path (in addition to the price increase :frowning: )

i think (from my understanding) its more than the S (and pro) known how to convert a v2 disk pack into an S or Pro diskpack if you see what i mean. its not that they are compatible as such… its that when you put the lower grade disk pack into a higher grade box, it knows how to convert it upwards.

it would be significant work for them to re-program the v2 to do the downward translation.

You are probably right, except that from the Drobo-S added features, I do not see any strong reason to change the disk formatting UNLESS you activate Dual Disk Redundancy.
Given the multiplication of Drobo models, the low transfer rate and increasing Drobo volumes, you would think that Data Robotics would spend more attention to broad range compatibility/migration.
But considering that the Drobo-FS has not even upward compatibility, I suppose it could be worse… :wink: