Disks Inserted are incompatable

I have a Drob Gen 2 running the most recent firmware and I am trying to use disks I had previously had installed in a Drobo S Gen 1. I understand the disk packs are incompatible and I do not care about the data on these old disks I just want to create a new disk pack in my Drobo Gen 2. However even after formatting the disks independently in Windows Drobo keeps telling me the disks are incompatible. There is absolutely nothing on this disk except a Windows exFat volume now however Drobo still sees a disk pack. How do I get Drobo to recognize these disks are blank disks?

I tried booting up with no disks and then inserting the disks one at a time. However once install any of the disks into slot one all 4 drive lights go red and dashboard says the disk pack I inserted is incompatible. There is no disk pack it is just a formatted disk. What do I do?

Have you tried doing a reset (with no drives installed) via Dashboard or if that doesn’t work via pinhole?


I did not even know there was a pin hole reset. Thank you for the suggestion it worked like a charm.