Disk Utility: No show, drobodashboard won't mount

dashboard 1.8 beta.

i can see, add, use the data on my FS using the finder window just fine. but i can not mount the apps folder. when i tick the box i get “Error: 12250” message.

i attempted to check the drobo in disk utility but it will not show up at all.

what i am trying to do:

use my drobo FS as a central data hub wired to a N+ wireless router that can be accessed to anyone on my network and especially the PS3 to stream home videos, pics, movies etc…

where do i go from here? :lol


I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the “Error 12250” message - we’ll probably have to wait for DRI to weigh in on that, and it’s almost certain the response will be “open a support ticket”, so you may as well do it now and save some time.

That said, one thing I thought I would mention is you’ll never see a DroboFS share in Disk Utility. Remember that what you’re seeing from the FS are network shares, not actual drives, which have very different semantics from a real disk. For example, while they may look all the world like a nice Mac drive, under the surface everything actually lives on a Linux server with ext3 filesystem - Disk Utility wouldn’t know what to do with that. On the other hand, Linux and ext3 don’t have a clue what to do with Mac metadata (resources, Spotlight, etc), but that’s taken care of by the AppleShare program on the FS.

Do you have any problems mounting any other shares on your Drobo FS?

called support and mounted two random shares… can’t figure out how to delete now.

my main goal now is to get fupes running so i can utilize the drobo with the ps3.