Disk Pack transfer from 5D to 5D Fails

Hi, I hope someone can assist me with this. Here’s the story. My 5D went south. wouldn’t turn on. no lights, nothing. I removed the drives in order and stacked them out of the way. I took the Drobo apart and discovered two places on the motherboard with melted chips and torch marks. Great. I have 50TB of data on the 5 drives.

I borrow my friend’s Drobo 5D in order to move my disk pack over and copy the data to a new device. I insert the five drives in the same order as the old fried 5D. I hook up the thunderbolt 2 cable and the power. I turn it on and this is what happens: It stacks the blue LEDs to the right. and the green light to the right side of each drive tray lights up. Then nothing happens. Then all the lights go out except for the power light. Then a single blue LED right next to the power light comes on. Then after a period of time the blue light goes out and the power light turns from green to orange/yellow.

I know I keep the firmware on my Drobo up to date and I think my friend does too, but can’t be sure of his Drobo.

Any suggestions on what I can try to get my friend’s Drobo with my disk pack in it to boot up? Thank you very much!

How much time did you give it? I would give it a least a day or two & see what it does.

I wouldn’t object to that, but it seems so not normal for all the lights to go out and the power light turn orange/yellow and then not see or hear any activity on the Drobo.

A suggestion:

Turn off the drobo
Remove your disk array ‘in order’
Turn on the drobo and connect to your PC/Mac
Check/update firmware
Add 2 spare HDDs to the drobo and let the drobo initiate them
Check you can access the new twin array from your PC/Mac
Turn off the drobo and remove the twin array
Reinsert your original array.

Good luck.

Twin Tiger, LOL. Great minds think alike. I started that exact process an hour or so ago. The two drives are still flashing between green and yellow. I don’t remember it taking that long on my first drobo disk pack. Weird. I’ll give it another hour and then may start from scratch. Thanks for your input and if you can think of anything else please reply. Thanks!

You should be able to monitor the initialisation of the test array on your PC/Mac via the drobo dashboard, but yes, a new HDD array with no data should not take 1 hour!

I started over and this time, no problem. Weird. Removed the two-drive disk pack and inserted original drives. All is well, my files are there! Thanks for your help Twin Tiger. Diggin’ the Max Headroom avatar. :sunglasses:

Great news.
If you can, think about an external backup set too.

“Na-Na-Na-Na-Network 23” :sunglasses: