Disk pack question

I’m sure this has been answered but I couldn’t figure out a way to search for it, sorry in advance.

So I had 4 2tb drives in my drobo and one of them went bad. I pulled the bad one out and the drobo did it’s thing - taking about 24 hours to redistribute all the data or whatever it magically does.

I ordered a new 2tb drive, popped it into the drobo - which it recognized and mounted and everything and then…nothing!

Meaning I thought it would take another 24 hours of redistributing the data but it kind of shocked me that it did nothing.

Is this normal? I’ve never had a harddrive go bad so it’s a first for me.


yes its normal…

it probably is relaying out the data - but it does it silently and in the background as part of its reguarly optimising (one of the reason why you should never defrag a drobo)

the lights arent flashing because you could still remove a drive, everything is still protected, the lights only flash when you have lost your protection and it is rebuilding the protection, since you let it rebuild the protection onto 3 drives - now its just quieetly shuffling that protection around - no need to tell the user

its the same whenever you add a new drive to an already “all green” disk pack, it gets instantly added, and then thats it

Thanks for the response!

I figured everything was normal but wanted to double check type of thing.

Really appreciate you getting back to me.

no problem!