Disk not ejected properly

This is a Drobo Pro connected directly via USB2 to a new iMac. When the iMac goes to sleep (it doesn’t seem to happen when one is working on the machine), the Drobo disconnects from the iMac and gives the message “Disk not ejected properly…” At that time it is not represented in the Dashboard either.

The wires are not being disturbed, and we’ll be replacing the USB cable later today, to see if that’s the problem, but I think we’ve tried that already once before so I’m not hopeful, especially as it only happens when the iMac is asleep.

Most of the time, just turning off the Drobo, waiting until it spins down, then turning it back on will bring it back on to the desktop.

Power cord is plugged into the battery side of a UPS with a brand new battery.

All the lights are green
There are 2 Volumes, both unmount improperly, apparently at the same time.
There are 8 drives, some 1TB and some 2TB
It’s about 70% full.
Sometimes it requires holding the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off.

Could this be a powerpack issue? (Again it doesn’t do this when one is sitting at the computer, thus far only when it’s asleep.)

Any other ideas?

hi, it might be a few things, but here is something to try:

  1. could you try using the drobo with standard power, (instead of the ups) just to see if it makes a difference?

  2. its good to try another cable if you are planning to try that again just in case.

  3. it might be some power settings that you could check on the mac, such as increasing the sleep time if it often goes to sleep if you go to make a cup of coffee, (no pun intended) :slight_smile: and is somehow set to not wake up certain connections?

  4. what happens if you set the mac to power off (rather than sleep) does drobo come back as normal when the computer boots up again?

  5. it could be possible that the drobo and maybe some other devices never come back after a mac goes to sleep, (but i dont remember seeing that as always being the case though)

  6. if you have any extra firewall/settings that perhaps block some ports or connectors, maybe there is a setting there too?

hope this helps a bit

I’ve suddenly started having the same problem with my Drobo 5D connected via Thunderbolt. I had not had any previous problems, but then it went offline a couple of times during the day for no apparent reason. My iMac does not go to sleep unless I put it to sleep. I do put it to sleep overnight, and shortly after I woke it up today I once again got the “disk not ejected…” message.