Disk Not Ejected Properly after System Upgrade

So, I used to have a Drobo 5D attached to an aging Mac mini, and I finally upgraded the mini. In so doing a few things changed:

  • The OS is newer – the new Mini is on Catalina, the old one was on El Cap or something – the last version of macOS that it supported.
  • The connection interface has changed – I was using Thunderbolt on the old mini, the new Mini has USB-C / Thunderbolt 3, and I don’t have an adaptor, so I decided to use the USB-SS interface on the Drobo.

When I let the Mac sleep, I get lots of notifications about the Drobo drives not being ejected properly:
Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 11.53.28 AM

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t happen when I have the Mac awake. I could test that by preventing it from going to sleep, I suppose. Anecdotally, I can go away for a couple of hours and have several messages, and yet I can use the mini for a couple of hours and I will never get a warning.

Any thoughts on why? Near as I can tell from searching the forum, this isn’t a widespread Catalina issue.

I tried switching the USB cable – I was initially using a USB-3 SS B cable to USB-A with a USB-C/A adapter and I wasn’t sure if that was the problem, so I replaced it with a USB-C to USB-3.1 B (SS) cable, and I’m seeing the same results.

Are there Catalina settings I should be checking? Should I go back to Thunderbolt even though that would require a fairly expensive Thunderbolt 2-to-3 adaptor? (I’m willing to do that if it’s the fix, I just don’t really love the idea of spending $60+ and then discovering it wasn’t the problem.)

Anyone else with similar issues?


  • Geoffrey

So if I set the Mini to not sleep, the error doesn’t come up. If I tell the mini not to put the drives to sleep, the error still comes up.

Anyone having this problem might want to read this thread: Drobo 5c Mac (Catalina) random ejects - any solution?

Same kind of problem, a few other people reporting.