Disk not detected

Hi Everyone,

Please help. My drobo first storage unit status is red even when there is no disk inserted

I think that means you are critically low on storage and need to add a drive… are all 10 or 9/10 blue capacity lights lit? What does dashboard say about the remaining capacity?"

do you mean there are no disks at all in there? then a single red light is perfectly normal - it means you need to add a disk


Many thanks for the replies.

The first disk store shows red which means insert a harddisk, I add a disk and it still shows red (not detecting the disk).
I have even bought a new 3.5 sata hard disk. Definetely not the drives but the drobo device.

Any I dea.
Thsnks in advance

try re-inserting it?

otherwise you might have a faulty slot? you could always try re-inserting the disk into a different slot? (it doesnt matter which one you use - which is handy for testing) if it does work in a differnet slot, then your top slot is probably faulty

No matter which slot i insert the top onw stays red and no volumes displayed on the Drobo dashboard[hr]
Drobo not detecting any drives in any of the slots

If your Drobo has current Drobocare support you should initiate a support ticket before you break your array playing around with it.

If you do not have support, if it were me I would turn the unit off (unplug it) and then turn it on with all the drives inserted and see what happens. This was more or less suggested here by a Drobo rep in a somewhat similar case where the Drobo was not detecting an inserted drive. It worked for that owner.

If you have backups of any required data on the array you could also try a total reset with the reset button the back, but that WILL destroy all the data on the disks.

I was having similar problems with my Drobo 4 bay, 1st gen, out of warranty, and to get it to work I did a shutdown of both the host computer and Drobo, wait for orange standby light, unplug power to the Drobo, insert drive, power up Drobo, Power up host computer, and the Drobo Dashboard and lights on the Drobo confirmed that the new drive was recognized, and that the re layout would be done in 12 hrs or so. The lower 3 drives did not have enough space to do a re layout on their own so it just went to standby. If your bottom 3 drives have enough space to do a re layout you should allow it to finish as it will not go to standby if it can heal itself. After it successfully does the re layout and goes into standby then you can add the 4th disk.

It does seem strange that for me also it was the top bay…