Disk Make and Model

Hi all,

Is there a quick way to view the make and model of each drive in the bays of Drobos?

We have about 5 clients with them and I just want to check what drives they have.



there’s not just no quick way, there is no way at all

the only way to know what disks they are is to safely shut down drobo and take them out and look at them[hr]
there’s not just no quick way, there is no way at all

the only way to know what disks they are is to safely shut down drobo and take them out and look at them

Thought as much! Thanks. :slight_smile:

there might be a way to pull the info from a diagnostics log
(but that would involve some work on the clients side, dashboard to be installed, and then a support ticket to be raised etc)

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It depends on the Drobos types and current version of their firmware.
On previous firmware versions of Drobo Gen 2, getting a copy of the Log (via Dashboard) and then decrypting it would have given you that information.
But Drobo Inc. chose to do the exact opposite of what its customers were asking for (i.e. an open uncrypted log) and the latest Drobo firmware version changed the encrypting scheme; and AFAIK, there is no way to decrypt that new log version…

Exactly as geeji said: Data Robotics actively prevents us from seeing this data, and when someone figures out a way, they change the firmware to block us. There is no exception for products after End Of Support.

The electronic manual for dashboard (click “Help and Support”) shows that the B1200i has fairly detailed information about each installed drive. The feature apparently exists, but isn’t available on lower-end models.

At least the drives can be installed in any order, which is one less thing to go wrong if your clients remove the drives themselves and send you digital photos of the labels.
That said, many of my clients would think poorly of me if I told them to “take it apart yourself.” Even my client who builds his own home computers would rather pay me to come change the hardware in his business-critical systems than take the risks himself.

Exactly as geeji said: Data Robotics actively prevents us from seeing this data, and when someone figures out a way, they change the firmware to block us. There is no exception for products after End Of Support.

The electronic manual for dashboard (click “Help and Support”) shows that the B1200i has fairly detailed information about each installed drive. The feature apparently exists, but isn’t available on lower-end models.

At least the drives can be installed in any order, which is one less thing to go wrong if your clients remove the drives themselves and send you digital photos of the labels.
That said, many of my clients would think poorly of me if I told them to “take it apart yourself.” Even my client who builds his own home computers would rather pay me to come change the hardware in his business-critical systems than take the risks himself.

When you do pull the drives, have a label maker with you. I label all of mine on the surface visible when mounted with the mfg, size, build date, and the date the warranty expires.

Makes it much easier to keep an eye on which disks are due to be replaced next and when.

Old/EOL disks get rotated in to non-critical service if I keep them at all.

Quickest way is just to power the drobo down and take pics of the drives. If you have to drive some nails, usually the fastest way is grab a hammer and start nailing.

I was wondering this too as i noticed the other night when i swapped one of my drives out for a new one that it reported the drive size/model in the alert saying it had been removed, and then again reported it for the new drive that was inserted, so clearly the Drobo does know these things.

Baffling that Drobo Inc. won’t give us a way to check.

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The diagnostic logs provide excellent detailed information which certainly includes this. I still miss my old 4-bay (before they updated the firmware to better encrypt the diags.)

Drobo Inc. prevents us from seeing this data so they can sell support contracts.

When I first set up my Drobo FS I created a Spreadsheet and listed all of the drives that I put into it, with the following information:

Position of each drive in Drobo,
Make of Drive
Serial Number
Model Number
Date Purchased and Place of Purchase
Drive Size.

I then printed this out and stuck it to the inside of the Drobo’s plastic cover.

Whenever I change a drive I update the list and print another copy.

So I can always tell at a glance whats in there etc.

However it would be useful if Drobo were able to provide more drive info from the software.

good idea about the spreadsheet
i’d keep mine off the unit but good idea

It would fit well in the flashier interface of Drobo Dashboard 2.x

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