Disk and Volume sizes for B8000fs

I have a B800fs system where we have been replacing the 3TB dives with 6TB ones. I just ran across an article on Drobo.com that stated the max drive size for this model is 4TB- is that an old outdated article? Anybody using 6TB drives? We now have (5) 6TB drives and (3) 3 TB drives, hope we have not wasted our money!

Also, we have been getting errors writing large files to this Drobo- states that there is no room even though there really is. My research says that this is caused by the physical space exceeding the Volume size. What is the best way to re-size the volume(s). My plan was to off load all the files then reset the Drobo with the new 6 TB drives and have it rebuild…

Thanks in advance!

it will work fine with 6TB disks (make sure that you are using the latest firmware)

physical space exceeding the volume size will not cause the issues you are seeing.

how large are the large files?

hi raylab, there is another post here where someone else was going to use some 6tb drives that might have some useful info?