Disconnecting drives after restart

Anyone else having this problem:

If I shut down the pc while the Drobo S is working properly, the Drobo S will go into sleep as well.

If I turn on the pc later, the Drobo S starts up as well.

But it often doesn’t recognise one of the drives, or marks one drive as being bad. Which drive it is, is intermittent.

If I pull out the drive which is marked red, and put it back in, the Drobo S needs to re-synchronise the drives again…

From that point it can operate fine again, until I shut it down…

Drobo Dashboard version: 2.1.2
Drobo Firmware version: 2.1.2
Drives: 2TB + 2TB + 1TB + 1TB + 250GB

send a copy of your logs to support, that is not correct behaviour

solid or flashing drive light. I’d guess you need to replace the 250 with a larger drive…

he said it changes which drive it marks as failed, so it cant be a low space condition otherwise it would always highlight the smallest drive.