Disconnected Network Drive

My partner used his computer at a Starbucks over Thanksgiving weekend. When he came back to the office, Drobo drive no longer shows up on him machine. We use a DroboShare, and 2 other laptops in office work great. Drobo Dashboard shows up, but machine will not allow us to even map a new network drive. Anyone have any ideas how to get him back to where he can access the Drobo files? Thanks…

What OS are you on?
What version of dashboard?
Firmware version of drobo and droboshare?

Are you on a DHCP network or using static IP’s for the droboshare?

Are both computers unable to map to the droboshare or is it only the one used on a different network?

Windows xp
Dashboard Version 1.5.1
Firmware Version 1.3.5

Using static IP’s

Only his computer is unable to map…others work fine…his worked great until Thanksgiving weekend…I know it has to be something simple, but I am frustrated at not finding it…thanks…

Go into your command prompt and type in “net use” without the quotation marks.

Do you have drive letters showing up?

You might have to use net use x: /delete (where X is the disconnected drive letter.)

After that, reboot your computer and see if you can map to it.