Disc fails Protection Mode then D5 dismounts

Hello, I hope someone could offer me some advice.

One of my drobo drives showed red and then showed it was not installed and went into data protection mode. I thought simply buy a replacement disk. Since Drobo Dashboard didn’t show the disk, I removed it. I ordered a 12 TB replacement. I also rebacked up any materials that might not have. Drobo dashboard said it would take 40 hours to do something to the data. Then it dismounted from the desktop. I can’t get it to mount. I have 3 yellow lights and 1 green light for the drives (6 TB each) that are in stalled and a green light on the far sides of the bottom strip and 1 blue light on. The removed drive doesn’t have any light on.

What is the drobo doing? The drive seems quiet.

Should I just leave it on? Is it rewriting the files to the 4 installed drive? When my new 12 TB drive just install it and assume all will be perfectly fine?

Should I expect to hear back from Drobo support? Is the $89 email support any good? If I read it correctly it doesn’t include any phone support?

Thank you - I appreciate anyone in the groups help.