Disc copy software solution?


This is a partially Drobo related question but here goes…

I’m backing up my archive of deteriorating data CDs and DVDs (which I used to use as my main archiving solution before the Drobo) some of which are corrupted and stall when copying to the Drobo (or anywhere).

Does anyone know a Mac software solution that can help speed the process of batch copying about 200 discs? I’m using OS X 10.5.8.

Ideally I’d like to just keep popping them in and out without having to initiate the copy procedure for each and every disk - very much like a program I have called FileFinder which catalogues all your disks using Batch command (it does each disk, spits it out, you pop in another until all is done).

I’ve tried Toast, CCC, and via the Finder manually but CCC stalled on one disk that was not HFS formatted and it wasn’t really the kind of automation I’m after, but it was fast at copying off the disk. The other issue is dealing with the disks that have glitches on one or two files that cause the copy to hang.

So does anyone have any Mac solutions? Could Automator & Disk Utility help me here?

Secondly would making disk images be better than copying the files by hand into named folders? The resulting copies need to be easily searchable (probably using FileFinder or Spotlight).

Try http://www.jfilerecovery.com/
I have not used it myself.

thanks, I gave it a go on one disk, but as it wouldn’t even mount I could not select it. Might be useful on others that do though.

Currently adding disks manually to the Drobo… groan.