Directory file size not calculating (Mac/Yosemite)

No matter what protocol (AFP/SMB/NFS) I am unable to get the 5N to update the file directory size most of the time. (yes, “calculate size” is checked).

Anyone else having this issue?

Once in awhile it’ll update, but most of the time it doesn’t.

For instance, at the root of the share the folder doesn’t calculate a size at all, but I go in, and there’s one file that’s 1MB (the file lists as 1MB), but the root directory doesn’t change (nothing listed).

This might sound a little weird but, is it possible that even after deleting a file in the Finder (it makes you immediately delete, there’s no trash bin option)… that the file is not actually deleted off the Drobo until XXX time later?

I ask because I’ll delete a file from a directory, and leave one small text file in there… and the Finder still shows the directory to be the same size (and the same file count when doing a GET INFO) as if the file was never deleted.