Direct download to Drobo FS from a server

I’m not really sure if this is possible, but I shall ask, if it’s not feel free to knock me down.

I have an offsite server that has some of my data on it. Is there anything I can use to download from that server directly to the drobo, such as using an FTP client

Currently I use my PC/Laptop with FileZilla on it but would love to be able to download directly to the Drobo FS without having to have another device on 24/7.

Any information you can give me would be great

hi tyepye,
(am just grasping at straws here so only investigate things and make sure you have backups etc :slight_smile:
but some machines on a network use a kind of wake up lan command which triggers a startup or something similar. maybe there is a way for your server to trigger something (that is already listening) on your drobo, and then uploads data to it. or maybe better to have an app on the drobo which can fire off a command retrieve data off your server using certain credentials.

there are probably more secure ways of doing it, maybe sftp or something because if youre just using basic ftp there isnt any password encryption as far as i know?