Direct Connect Ethernet NIC Port Settings (Mac OS X)

Does anyone know the best/recommended Ethernet NIC settings when connecting a Drobo FS directly to a computer via GigE port?

I’m using a Drobo FS connected directly to my iMac via the Ethernet port, but since Drobo Dashboard can’t see it and the Mac OS X Finder can I think I have a setting incorrect… for instance, this post mentions a subnet of and since I was originally using I’m thinking there may be other settings I should make (like there’s a setting for IP address, an option for DHCP or BootP, etc).

I’m not very versed in network terminology so if anyone has successfully done a direct connection of their Drobo FS to their Mac-- and, in particular, has the Drobo Dashboard successfully seeing the FS-- maybe you can report back here on your Mac OS X Network Control panel settings.

BTW I searched the Drobo Knowledge Base here but didn’t see any relevant details for the FS & NIC settings.

Thx! KV

Looks like my Drobo Dashboard is back-up and seeing the Drobo FS (see post), so I’ll follow-up here with my own Ethernet settings in case it helps others:

Drobo FS => Drobo Dashboard =>Advanced => Tools => Settings => Network:
[]Automatically Assign (DCHP)
]MTU Size = 9000

iMac => Settings => Ethernet:
[]Using DHCP

iMac => Settings => Ethernet => Advanced Settings => Ethernet:
[*]Configure Automatically (I didn’t set it to Jumbo frames this time)

Next: Not sure if iMac is actually using MTU@9000 if it’s set to “auto” above, so I’d still like/need to test out Jumbo Frames enabled on my 2007 iMac, which does support them. But I’ll do that later once I have my AJA benchmark software setup.

Note 1: I left the subnet as-is and, upon full shutdown and startup of both Drobo FS and iMac, the Drobo Dashboard was able to see the FS and seems to work fine (seems to make my earlier question about subnet irrelevant if using DHCP).

Note 2: The Drobo FS manual on something like page 33 does say use DHCP, not sure why I thought it didn’t work before but seems OK now.