Different paths when mounting with Dashboard and Finder - and the Problems caused

Part of the Problem is already explained in this following thread, but it points to other Problems:

I just got my shiny new Drobo FS (okay well, it’s black), set up one big share and mounted it by checking the box in Drobo Dashboard on my Mac. Then I moved all my pictures in my Lightroom library over to that share, using Lightroom so that the database knows all the new locations. Then I did mind some other stuff and when I came back with my MacBook Pro, I just mounted the Drobo FS using the finder. I got worried quite a bit when Lightroom then showed the Volume as online, but did not find any original files!!

After some research I recognized that the path that Lightroom showed for that share was a little weird. It was like:
/Volumes/DroboFS/0db1029XXXXX/1/drobo/Lightroom Library/…

Where a properly mounted share would be like:
/Volumes/drobo/Lightroom Library/…

Which it really is when using the Finder to mount the share.

So there is a difference in mounting the shares using Dashboard or the Finder, which can be a huge difference for applications using that share. I think that should clearly either be fixed or pointed out to users.

The problems that mounting through Dashboard causes are:

  • The volume is not seen as offline by applications correctly when the share is not connected. This is because the share is converted to a folder when the Drobo FS is disconnected. So the share is always there as an empty folder and that is not right behavior whatsoever.

  • The path to the share includes the serial number (!) of the Drobo. That is a huge deal when you ever want to or have to replace your Drobo FS. Just think what happens when the Drobo fails. You get a replacement one, pop your drives in and you’re good. Right? Think again. Lightroom and probably other software that used that share cannot find your data since the path to the share has changed. Even worse: The old path will still be there as an empty directory. A proper share would always work, no matter whatever kind of device it comes from, as long as it has the same name.

  • The available and free space shown for that share you’ve mounted through Dashboard is in fact the size and available space of your internal harddrive, which is completely wrong. This works correctly when using Finder to mount.

So I guess this is kind of a warning to new users to better use the finder to properly mount your shares and a request to Data Robotics to look into that issue and rethink the way they’re doing this. Because I can see just trouble and no advantages.


PS: I am in the middle of moving all my hundreds of gigs of photos back to my old drives now, just to then mount the share using finder and move the data onto the Drobo FS again. Very annoying and time consuming.

Actually, I have had no problem just adjusting the library path in the application (iTunes). I can switch between Dashboard and Finder mounting by simply changing the path.

The way the Drobo Dashboard mounts the Drobo is just wrong and tends to confuse a lot of programs. Stick to Finder mounting. If you want to mount volumes at startup, it can be done very simply via AppleScript.

diamondsw, do you have an example script? I’m pretty amateur with AppleScript, but I’d like to get a script to handle my network drives.

Sure, I posted my script here: