Did anyone else here have problems getting their DroboPro CLP rebate?

So I don’t want to go into all the details as of yet, because I’m still waiting for somebody at DRI to try and resolve this situation, but basically, my DroboPro CLP (Customer Loyalty Program) $200 rebate form was “never received,” despite being sent certified mail and marked as delivered, and then my rebate check (after inquiring after the three month wait time, and sending in copies of my forms) was supposedly sent out about a month ago, but I’ve yet to receive it.

Did anyone else here have problems getting their rebate?

I hope I can post a happy ending to this soon.

I got mine ($50 Visa gift card)… I think maybe this is a different promo you’re talking about though.
I’ve had rebate problems a few times in the past, not specifically Drobo-related, so I’ve learned to always make a photocopy of my submission.

Definitely ping the rebate company again. If they know you’re not going to give up, they’ll be more apt to send out a new check.

Update: DRI promises to mail my rebate out Friday.