Device Down

My Drobo5n is not working. The device has power and I get lights. The capacity lights at the bottom are all full and the disk status lights are all yellow. the device is not reachable via the network. Not sure where to go from here. Any assistance is appreciated.

hi sanlaen, does this keep happening again if you try rebooting the drobo and computer (after keeping both off for about 5 minutes)?

can you remember how much free space was there, or at least how many blue led lights were filled up and lit, just before the problem, such as when things were working fine? (it could be possibly a case of something overfilling the drobo but am not 100% sure)

can dashboard still see the drobo? if so, are you able to take some screenshots when you get a moment and to post them up to imgur or similar? (if you do though, please remember to rub out any sensitive/serial numbers to play safe before uploading)

if you are within support, its definitely worth raising a ticket with the support team, (you can still raise a paid incident as well even if out of support if you wish though too).

in case that is not possible, and if dashboard still can see the drobo, then you might be able to try putting the drobo into a read only mode, which might help stabalise things a bit to at least hopefully be able to access the data to copy somewhere, for example as mentioned here:

(if you do raise a ticket though, please do follow the support teams advice first, and to link this to the ticket, just to avoid any conflicting steps etc)