Detecting Drobo On Unix System

Hi all,

I have a Drobo 5N which has been updated and compartmentalized using Drobo Dashboard on a Windows Machine. It is able to plug directly into Windows 10 and perform storage functions properly.

When plugging the Drobo 5N ethernet port to my linux machine (Linux 12.04), the Linux machine does not detect the Drobo, either on the disk utility or the drobom drobo-utils command line. The wired connection is detected, but it states “no service”.

Drobo support does not support Linux usage. Is there a post or threads that covers how to setup the Drobo for Linux?

hi solomonsia,
while i only use the das usb models myself, some other users have dabbled with linux, and as far as i remember, some kind of linux access was posisble (though not officially supported), so it is definitely worth making a backup of your current data to play safe before trying anything.

some of these threads may help you, (though there are lots more results if you try a search for linux or similar), via the search link in the sop right corner, for example here:

(you could also mention your question there as a reply, and a link to this page if you wish, as some other users may also be subscribing to those threads and getting email notifications there)