Deleting Files takes a LONG TIME - Normal?

Hi, I’ve only had a Drobo-FS for a month or so. I’m having lots of trouble with disconnects, which I’m going through support for. But I noticed something about deleting files that I found really strange…

I went to delete around 200 gigs of files and it took almost 1/2 hour!!! It was 1378 files in 9 folders. Has anyone else noticed times like this for deleting files? Is this normal?

For the record I’ve got 3x 2TB Western Digital and 1x 2TB Seagate installed.


Deleting can be a real pain. Im seeing this as well.

i keep on getting errors that file is in use or i dont have permissions when trying to delete

Yup, seeing this as well. These issues can’t be unknown to DRI, but they keep shipping products like this anyway.

I dont know if my permissions problems are from switching from windows to osx