Deleting files on osx

I seem to be having trouble deleting files both under smb and afp mounts it seems that when I try to delete old backups it takes forever with preparing to backup then a lot of times it will error out with -50 error ( saying something like it cannot delete) I have found that in terminal you can use the command sudo rm -rf ( then drag the folder from finder to terminal, to add the correct folder path) it seems to delete with out errors. Is there a problem in doing this. I’m not much of a terminal guy. Also will a copy command in terminal be the same because I get the preparing to copy for a long time.

anyone?? the files are from an old lightroom backup and they are .lrdata files. its weird i can rename the folder, and can move it on drobofs but cannot move to desktop or delete. i tried the terminal sudo rm -rf command to the folder and it comes back and says folder if not empty

sorry lilmill i dont have an fs or a mac but if you’re not in an urgent rush to delete them then hang in there and am sure some others will see the post and help if they can.[hr]
(from memory, what happens if you press applekey+i on one of those files… does the info show you any hidden/special proparties? and is lightroom or another adobe application still running?)

Does the problem only happen with that one folder? If so, it may be corrupt. If this is the case, the easiest way to fix this is to copy the other data to a different share and then delete the share from Dashboard.