Deleting files on my FS from Lion vs. iPhone app

Hi All,

Many times, I try to delete a file on my FS using the Mac’s finder app, and I get a “sorry - this file is in use” error message. I keep trying to delete it, and eventually, I can delete it fine. Not sure what process was keeping the file from being deleted…

I recently got an app for my iPhone called FileBrowser. It allows you to manage files on SMB shares. With this program, I can delete any file, at any time.

This is great, but what is going on with finder? Is it a bug?

  • Thanx!
  • Jon

I get a similar issue on Windows, not even on Drobo FS.

If Finder does what Windows Explorer does, then sometimes it’ll try to pull file information to generate a thumbnail or preview - this will “tie up” the file/folder for a while.


Glad to hear you like FileBrowser. This is probably a totally unrelated thing, but I get an error if I try to mount shares using \drobo\share if I have already got a few mounted using “map network drive” in windows. To get round this i have to use the local ip - \192.168.1.??\share.

In FileBrowser I have set it up to connect with local ip and not machine name. I guess the question is, have you got shares mounted elsewhere and did you connect with machine name in FileBrowser?