Deleted data and shares, but Drobo 5N still says I need to insert larger drive


Hello, I have a Drobo 5N with following drive configuration:

Bay 0 4TB Solid Green LED
Bay 1 3TB Solid Green LED
Bay 2 6TB Solid Green LED
Bay 3 4TB Solid Green LED
Bay 4 2TB Solid Red LED

It is configured for single drive failure. When the RED LED first appeared, I deleted some files and the LED turned back to green. A couple of weeks later, the RED LED re-appeared. I deleted more files, but it did not change. I deleted old Time Machine shares that were no longer needed (that I thought I would just re-create if needed in the future), but Drobo 5N still insists that there is not enough space.

I currently have 2 shares on the Drobo. One share is for Time Machine and it 3TB in size. The other share is a regular share. Drobo indicates that there is 11.63 TB capacity (total) and that it is 100% in use. I know for sure that it is not completely in use because I deleted at least 2 other Time Machine shares.

I love my Drobo, but feeling frustrated. Is there anything that can be done or do I have to call Drobo Support?



When I add all of the folders in my other partition, there is 6TB of data. That, combined with my Time Machine partition accounts for 9TB of data. There is 2.63TB of space missing.

When reading the forums, seems like this might have been caused by a firmware upgrade. I am currently running firmware version 4.1.4-8.120.108863.



I believe the discrepancy has to do with the way the data is striped across the available drives. Since the drives are of differing sizes, most of the data is striped across all five drives, some of the data is striped across only drives 0-3, some of the data is striped only across drives 0,2,and 3. If the drives were all the same size this wouldn’t be the case. Why haven’t you just replace drive 4 with a larger drive as indicated by the red LED?