Delete partition only?

I’m migrating several TB of data off of a Drobo S that is formatted as two partitions.

I’ve already transferred all the data from that partition and want to delete it and physically move one of the drives in the Drobo S into the new unit while the rest of the data transfers. (The estimate is over 10 days.)

I know that I can’t use OS or third-party tools to directly reformat that partition, but Drobo Dashboard’s warning says the format tool will delete all of the data on the device – rather than just the single partition.

How do I delete just a single partition on the Drobo?

You can’t delete it without reformatting the entire device. Here’s why:

That’s too bad.

Thanks for the answer.

Hey guys thanks for helpihng, it just started working, so no clue

I think you answered on the wrong thread.

You probably could use third party tools to modify the partition table, it’s not recommended but ought to work, especially for a deletion, as to formatting a filesystem, I’m given to understand, at least with default options, a Windows NTFS format works, as long as you pick “quick format”, “full” format doesn’t, since it tries to write beyond thin provisioning, also a potential though less likely prospect with quick format if the unallocated space is small.

Thanks for the answer. I’m not comfortable with any level of risk with this setup, so I’m just going to wait a few days until the data transfer has completed before doing a full reformat.