Delete drive??

Is there a way for delete a drive from a drobofs? If i remove a drive it is expecting a replacement drive going in. I am going to change some of my backup strategies and don’t need all the storage on the fs. I plan on takin a 2 tb drive out and lurking it in a owc raid box.

I believe that you will be fine if you remove the drive and let the DroboFS alone. It will give a waiting period, for you to put another drive in or not, but after the waiting period, it will know that you have down-sized the disk drive count.

Yes, the Drobo will automatically configure to use any drives it sees.
If you have dual redundancy and remove a drive, it will rebuild to have dual redundancy on the remaining drives. You will have single redundancy until the rebuild is complete.
If you have single redundancy and remove a drive it will also rebuild, but you will have no redundancy until the rebuild is complete.

Note: despite what some people on here claim, it is NOT a good idea to try to “trick” a Drobo (or any RAID setup) by adding or removing drives while it is powered off. Just remove the drive and let it rebuild. And enjoy. :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the replies ill give it a shot tomorrow after some transfers

well i will test this tonight. I had a hitachi 2tb drive fail and i removed the drive and it would not down size. I had to buy anther 2tb to replace the defective one and wait until drobofs was all green and then pull the new drive. Lets see if it will downsize the array

It won’t downsize if you wouldn’t have enough space afterwards.

If you have 3x2TB drives and 3TB of space used, then when you pull one drive out it cannot reconfigure to a setup where you have redundancy.

If you have 4x2TB drives and 3TB of space used then you could pull one drive and it could rebuild successfully.

It’s similar for dual-drive redundancy, but it will use your biggest two drives for redundancy, and needs to be able to fit your data onto the rest or it will only be able to rebuild to single-drive redundancy mode.

Worked fine after pulling the 2tb drive I’m only running 54% in use