Definitive List of Max Values? (Drive, Volume, etc)

Hey All,
So I see there are many threads with different max values for different things. I’d like to collect all of the max info in on thread. Here are my questions and keep in mind that I am using MacOS but it might be useful to others to get the info for Windows in this thread if those values are different in any case.

1. What is the max drive size for a Drobo 5D? I’ve seen 6TB and 8TB but 8TB might not be officially supported, but it still works, etc

2. What is the max volume size for a Drobo 5D? I believe the answer to this is 16TB and if you exceed this value Drobo will present the OS with a second drive. Does this restriction on the “available for data” field or the “Raw” or even the “Overhead” fields?

3. What is the max system size for a Drobo 5D? I’ve read that this is 32TB but again don’t know if that means on the “available for data” field or the “Raw” or even the “Overhead” fields?

Lastly, here is my working example: I currently have my 5D with 4x3TB, 1x2TB loadout. This gives me the following numbers: 9.98TB Available, 12.73TB Raw, 17.92TB Overhead. I would like to upgrade to 2x8TB, 3x3TB which should give me: 15.43TB Available, 22.73TB Raw, 27.7TB Overhead.

Given that 15.43TB is less than the assumed 16TB volume limit, I am assuming that MacOS will still only be presented that one drive. That is unless the 16TB limit is actually enforced against the Raw or Overhead values.

Long post, but I think this info will be good information for many people. Thanks!

  1. There is a list of drives which have been tested/certified to work with drobo - but then they also say that any disk should work. Basically as long as you DONT use an SMR drive, then any SATA hard disk should work - so you could use the new 8TB WD Red, or the 8TB Seagate Enterprise NAS, or even the he10 (10 TB) disks.

  2. newest firmware has upped this to 64TB, but you need to rebuild from scratch (wipe everything and create a new 64TB volume)

  3. do you mean the total capacity of all disks? im not sure that this is currently advertised, but given that the most you can fit in one 5 bay drobo is 50TB at the moment… and the largest volume size is 64TB, it doesn’t matter right now