Dead Drobo

Hi, I have a quite old Drobo (With a DroboShare) that has served me well for quite a while. This morning however, I woke up to a Drobo that was completely dead. Not sure if it is the power supply or a more grave incident.

I am unable to register the product on the online solution, as my serial number does not match the maskā€¦ :frowning:

Model: DRO4D-D (Gen 2?)
numbers on bottom:


Please helpā€¦ I have a ton of data on the drivesā€¦


Hello Hans,

If it is a 4 Bay (GEN 2) Drobo you can purchase a GEN 3 and migrate your existing drives over to your new unit. Please review exactly which unit you have, and then review the link below to make sure you purchase the proper unit to migrate your existing drives over to.

You can create a case with support, to help you throughout the migration process. You will need to purchase a new unit to get back into the warranty entitlement, but you can still file a case with support to help you with the pack migration.

Drobo Support