dead drobo to new drobo

Hi all
If I take my old drives out of my old drobo (dead) and put them in order into a new drobo (same model) can I expect to get my data back, I can’t be sure of the firmware on the dead one because is dead, what would you guys recommend I do, I need my data its streesing me out.


Yes. As long as the failure was the old Drobo chassis/power supply, etc, your diskpack should move from one unit to another.

The only thing I would do before inserting the drives is make sure the new unit is running the most current firmware.

Then shut it down, insert the diskpack (in the correct order) and power it up.


thanks so much it worked!!!

take a bow.


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nice one mgriffin :slight_smile:

if i move HDDs to the new drobo is not the same as old one (4 bay–>5bay), is that possible to keep the date in HDDs also?

hi andreaus,
this should also be possible for example if your drobo was a gen2 (4 bay) you could go to a 5d (5 bay), for example as mentioned in the procedures in the migration page which can be found here:

the main thing is that there are essentially 2 main lines of drobo, which are essentially directly-attached DAS models and network NAS models (and those diskpacks are not directly interchangeable) though if you have a look at the migration page it has some tables with models and more information for you too.

(there are also 1 or 2 of each type that seem to only be able to have their diskpacks migrated between the same model but all the info should be there on the migration page.)