Dead Drobo / Replace Question / Won't honor warranty


My Drobo 5D won’t power on. Prior to that, it kept unmounting itself.

  1. Main Question: If I purchase a new Drobo (like the 5D3), and if I put the disks from my 5D in it, does it magically work? And when I say does it magically work, does it REALLY magically work? Or does it magically work as good as their B.S. warranty (see below). From what I’ve read so far, it seems that it theoretically supposed to, but I’m wanting to really make sure since so far my experience with Drobo has been nothing but SUCK from the product to the customer service.

  2. Mainly Just a Rant: Back when it wouldn’t mount, support refused to cover it because they said it sat (brand new and unwrapped) in the box too long before being registered. Seriously… They went with the “it’s too old to eat” as a reason for not covering my Drobo even though the warranty states it’s good through June 2019 on the DROBO FREAKING WEBSITE.

Then when I flipped my lid over that, they then said I would have to prove it was mine and that I paid for it. Like I’m on trial for if I stole it or something. So I sent them a copy of the receipt. This is when they changed from the “no coverage because it’s gone stale” strategy to the “no coverage because it was purchased brand new in the box on Ebay” strategy. Because everyone knows that if you buy something from Ebay, it automatically comes standard with evil gnomes that rig it to explode.

So now I’m stuck with a dead drobo that has standard coverage till June 19, 2019. And I’m also stuck with looking at spending even more money on buying another crappy product from a crappy company with even crappier customer care since that is what all my data is already on.

So for any Drobo staff out there, please know that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking almost a dozen video editors (including one that was outfitting multiple editing suites) out of Drobo, and that they are now happy Synology and Qnap customers. Hope it is (and continues to be) worth it as I will try to drive away as many customers from Drobo as I can. Maybe ranting on Facebook / Twitter would help instead.



Sorry you had such a bad experience. I’ve been using their products for 11 years now, and I just today ordered my 3rd Drobo. In answer to your question though you should be fine moving your diskpack from the 5D to the 5D3 should you decide to.


But… not having a magical background… I can only assume it will work flawlessly as designed, however.


Thanks ADL,
On that note, has anyone (reading this) successfully experienced this without any issues at all? Or did they have hassles with it?