Dead Drobo 4-Bay 2nd Gen

Hi, I’ve had my Drobo 4-Bay 2nd Gen for what must be about 5 years now. It’s worked fine, I’ve replaced drives only when wanting to increase capacity - no issues. I’ve moved house 4 times and even emigrated from the UK to Australia with it and not a problem.

However, last night, I went to put Drobo in standby via Drobo Dashboard - and the moment I clicked the StandBy option I heard a loud POP sound and now my Drobo is utterly powerless.
Obviously, I am well out of warranty, I had no DroboCare and the product is end-of-life anyways.

Now, I believe that the power supply has gone - because there is no longer a light on the power brick when plugged in. From what I have read, that means it’s definitely not working!
But I cannot tell if it’s JUST the power supply - or if the main unit has gone down with it. Does anyone know if that is likely to occur?

I am faced with a choice of getting a new power adaptor, a second hand 2nd Gen for a direct replacement or a new 3rd Gen.

Obviously, with power adaptors starting at $50 up to $150 for official ones - I’d rather avoid that if I then find the whole unit is also toast.

Of course, if the drives (or even just the data on them ) are also gone (which I am hoping is unlikely!) then I can just forget Drobo and start from a blank slate.

Does anyone have any insights they might share to help my decision making here?
I have read that the power supplies can go - so am really hoping it’s just that - but can’t think how to easily establish it.


better Gen3 or 5D

Thanks for the reply. Indeed if I had a spare $500-$900 I would consider that - but as I mentioned, right now I MAY only have a dud power supply.

Just wondering if anyone knows the chances that a blown power supply may mean the main unit is also gone?

If there is no light on the power adaptor at all then that is the start of your problem. There is always the chance that the drobo is faulty and took out the power adaptor.
Jaycar offer 14 day return. Get a power supply from them to see if that fixes the problem.