dead drive

Hi - So I got my droboPro about a month ago with four 2TB WD hard drives. And everything was fine until four days ago a red light came on and the drobo dashboard said that there was a drive failure. The drobo did exactly what it was suppose to do my letting me know, but my question is: how did this drive die at 4 weeks old???

Most drives die in the first few weeks… Or run for years, its perfectly normal.

Look up “bathtub curve”

ok thanks for the fast response.

Dead happens. The good news is that at 4 weeks old, your drive is definitely under warranty unless it was purchased under fuzzy circumstances.

I recommend using the Advanced Exchange option as this will get you a replacement drive before you have to return the defective drive, and you can use the replacement drive’s packaging to return the defective drive to ensure it’s “approved packaging” - some manufacturers will even provide a pre-paid return label.

ok so I just received my new WD green drive and it says that the data protection will take 14 hours. My question is: is it safe to shut down before the the process is completed. I will not power it down, but I just want to make sure it’s ok to do that.
Plus you never know if there is a power outage overnight and the battery back up dies…you know…just making sure I go the extra mile to protect my data :slight_smile:

You can shut your computer down, but Drobo will not go into standby until it is finished - so you had better hope no power cut!

How bad is it if power is cut during a relayout? Is it a definite “you’re screwed” or is it not recommended, for obvious reasons?

I ask not because I ever plan to cut power during a relayout, obviously, but if there were some electrical blackout, I wonder if I should get a UPS. Though the odds of a blackout and a relayout simultaneously would be basically immeasurable.

its happened to me :stuck_out_tongue:

its fairly bad

DRI say they usually see corruption

for me, drobo carried on when power came back, and i cant see any corruption (but with massive video files corruption would probably be gone in the blind of an eye)

Relayout is a read-write intensive operation, so between that and Docchris’s experience, I would highly recommend a UPS. They’re not that expensive these days, less than the price of your Drobo, unless you’re buying one with insane capacity.

Most likely your relayout will take way longer than you can “cover” with UPS battery power, so look at how long your typical outage is when spec-ing capacity. For typical use, you just need long enough for your computer to shut down properly. For protection during relayout, you might have to get an extended-capacity UPS which usually equates to $$$$.

I have a UPS layout good enough to hold the MacPro, DroboPro and one of my two displays. I didn’t clarify, but the original question was, in case the power outage is longer than the battery backup time.

@alexedit: Sorry, my reply was meant toward goodcow. :slight_smile:

Out of curiousity I had APC compute me a UPS that would sustain 48-hour runtime at 64 watts (40W for Drobo + 4x6W for WD20EADS) and it gave me a SUA2200XL with one battery pack, hehehe. Definitely in the 4-figure cost range there.

Then again, I would hope nobody’s power outage lasts 48 hours! :smiley: