DDService prevents safe drive removal

I want to power cycle the drobopro to switch from USB to iSCSI.
But before I do this I want to safely unmount the USB drives.
Using Windows safely remove always fails.

Since windows does not say who has the drive open, I use Safely Remove ( to unmount the USB drives.

Safely Remove reports that ddservice.exe holds two handles open to the drives.

To get the drives to unmount I have to exit the dashboard app and stop the ddservice.

On receiving a device removal notification ddservice / dashboard should close any handles it has open to the USB drives.
It appears that this is hot happening?

Anybody else experience this?


Are you not using the dashboard to shut down the DroboPro?

That is the easiest and most effective way to shut down the Pro.

Hi Jennifer

Yes I am using the dashboard, or at least I want to use the dashboard.

The problem is that the dashboard will power down the drobo, but it does not unmount the drives before powering down.
Powering down the drobo without cleanly unmounting the drives will result in data corruption.

Windows sends a device removal notification to applications when a device is to be removed, applications are supposed to respond by closing open handles to the device to be removed.

The drobo service appears to not honor this, keeps the drive handles open, and therefore I cannot safely remove the drives.


Shutting down the drobopro from the dashboard does unmount the drives.
I have never seen or heard of your issue before.

I would recommend opening a support case.

Hi Jennifer

Ok, maybe I misunderstood the KB that recommends to use safely remove before shutting down.

So if I have the dashboard installed then safely remove will fail, but powering down using the dashboard will do the same as safely remove?

And if I do not have the dashboard installed, then I have to use safely remove?

If however safely remove is always supposed to work, then I will open a support ticket?


Pretty much what the article says.

Preferred method is via the dashboard.

If no dashboard, then Select Drobo S, DroboPro or DroboElite (“Trusted Mass”) or the associated drive letter from the “Safely Remove Hardware” menu on the PC. Then click “Stop.”

Safely remove does not “fail” if you have dashboard installed. Not sure where you are getting that information.

I said open a support case because you said “Using Windows safely remove always fails.”

Hi Jennifer

“Safely remove does not “fail” if you have dashboard installed. Not sure where you are getting that information.”

On my system, if I have the dashboard installed, then safely remove DOES always fail.
The reported reason is that ddservice.exe is holding two handles open.

Since you confirmed this is unexpected, I will open a support case.


Yes, I’m also unable to unmount my drobo because it is in use.

Using Resource Monitor I found that Dashboard software is keeping open handles on drobo and therefore drobo is reported as being in use.

Only in rare occasions I can unmount my drobo normally.

I had issues in Vista and now I’m on Windows 7 but the situation is pretty much the same.

Windows 7, drobo 2nd gen FW 1.3.5, Dashboard 1.6.6

Did either of you boot the machine with the Drobo connected?

Yes, I do boot my PC with drobo connected via USB 2.0.

Do you get different behavior if you boot without Drobo connected, then connect it after you get the desktop?
I recall having some difficulty ejecting Drobo when I had booted with it connected, but I never really took a good look to see if it was indexing service or something else “holding” the device.

I think I’ve only once been able to get the dashboard to standby the drobopro.
Most often I’m stuck checking that nothing is writing to it and pulling the ethernet cable.
Only then will it standby, or reboot if that’s what was the pending request from DroboDashboard.

Server 2003 64bit, iSCSI.