DDService high CPU utilization

The server where I have the Drobo Dashboard service running is a dedicated 8 core 2.20 GHz Intel cpu. Currently the DDService is running from 0% - 96% cpu utilization in 3-5 second intervals. I am wondering why this is happening?

hi derp,
i usually see a constant 5% cpu for dashboard, (unless im actively doing something), but maybe there is some firewall settings conflicting or blocing part of it, which is causing it to keep retrying somehow?

if you have a look here, (while mac mainly) it might be firewall related?

also what happens if you reboot the computer and drobo, plus to manually stop and restart the service if on windows?

Paul, thanks for your reply. There is no firewall enabled and nothing that would interfere with the flow of data between the server with the Drobo Dashboard and the Drobo B1200i 's.

I have restarted the service and the CPU usage is normal. I am unable to replicate the error. But I would like to avoid it happening again. If it does happen again I will reply with the stats.

thanks, ok sure,