DDService fails daily

I’m using Drobo Dashboard 1.6.8 on a Windows Server 2003.
Windows reports Event 7031 “The “Drobo RPC Winservice” service terminated unexpectedly.” up to three times a day and restarts it.

I’ve also experienced Drobo Dashboard (Application, not Service) failing to detect changes in Drobos state until I close and restart Drobo Dashboard (e.g. I pulled a Drive and Dashboard still showed it as green) from time to time.

Do you have any similar issues? What can I do? Tried to uninstall and reinstall Dashboard already…

Using Drobo Gen2 connected via USB.

Is the error 7031 the only thing that show up in the event log?


Haven’t seen this on my WHS machine, and it’s the same core as Server 2003…

Is this the only trouble you’re having with the machine, or are other things crashing or experiencing errors too?

If it’s the latter, I highly recommend running a memory test via MemTest86+ - it boots its own environment to ensure you can get maximum RAM test coverage. Let it run at least through 2 complete passes to ensure there are no errors.

I’ve had numerous issues with RAM in the past (and I’ve had over 20 different computers, some self-built, others purchased). Despite what the RAM manufacturers like you believe, RAM is EXTREMELY picky.

RAM is supposed to be fine running at lower speeds than it’s rated for. Sometimes this isn’t the case.
RAM is supposed to be fine being mixed between brands and (higher) speeds. Sometimes this isn’t the case.

I’ve had sets of RAM that were perfectly fine on their own in the same system utterly fail when installed together.
I’ve had RAM work perfectly fine when cool (or actively cooled), then fail when it warmed up.
I’ve had RAM go bad (only once so far) too. Might’ve just been static discharge or a power surge though.

RAM errors are tough to track down, as they just look like random crashes. And worse yet, sometimes errors will persist even after correcting a RAM issue because files that were copied with the system had the RAM issue were written corrupt.

Rigorous RAM tests are the first thing I do with any system I buy or build now, and any time I upgrade RAM in an existing system. I’ve been burned too many times in the past.

PSU issues are another nightmare of mine. Bad caps still exist. Or maybe they’re not bad and they just go bad… All I do know for certain is that I still find components with bulging capacitors. :frowning:

The Server runs fine for years now and hosts really a lot of services. DDService is the only application that fails.

Please open a support case.

Definitely check with DRI. My machine’s been running for 9 months straight with just that one DDService fault.