DDService Crashing on Virtualized version of Drobo Dashboard

For reasons too complicated which I would not explain here, I am trying to prepare a “virtualized” version of Drobo Dashboard to run on a system to connect to the Drobo FS via a network connected via a gigabit switch. The virtualized version was prepared using VMware’s ThinApp Virtualization Suite.

The packaged worked, but ONLY on first run after a fresh reboot of the host system. If, within the same session, I exit to unload the Dashboard and then try to relaunch it, the app will crash citing DDService has failed. Again, this ONLY occurs on subsequent re-runs of Dashboard but NOT on the first run. Clearing out the “sandbox” does not fix the problem. Only a reboot of the system will fix the problem.

Obviously, my virtualized version of Dashboard can work, but somehow DDService is creating a problem. Is there any fix to this? Is it possible NOT to load or remove DDService part of the Dashboard?

as i understand the ddservice part of the dashboard is what actually communicates with/manages the drobo - it was split into two halves - the service and the gui - so that dashboard didnt have to be run as administrator (it did previously), since the service took care of the admin it needed to do

i would suggest just using an older version of the dashboard (since that doenst have the separate service) but i dont think the older versions would support the droboFS, so i think you may be stuck

Thank you kindly. This is not good news, sadly.

Is there a depo where I can download the older version of dashboard to try out?

Can Drobo tech support answer my question here as well?

Any more help, please?