DDR3-A no Power


I have 4 Drobos and my latest: DDR3-A (4Bay) gives me problems:
I can not power it on.
I checked the power supply , it gives 12 V and when I plug in the Power Cord, the green light on the toggle switch goes on for about 1 second and the fan turns several times. (Even without putting the Power Toggle switch to on)
But then trying to switch on the Drobo does not work.I removed all the drives but the green power light on the switch and the fan does not come on anymore.
I even checked it with the power supply of my 5 Bay Drobo. It did not work.

Any advice how to get it started would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



I opened the case because I could not find any other solution. Inside I found a Li-Ion Battery which is empty. Could this be the reason why it does not power up?

I’ve read on this forum of people having issues with their Drobos not powering up if they have bad internal batteries. You could try to replace the battery, which seems like a difficult job. Or, some people have reported that unplugging the battery altogether has fixed their issues. Without the battery, the Drobo could potentially not complete writing cached data to your drives in the event of a power failure, which could lead to some (minor) data loss/corruption.

Here is a post that discusses this:

Update: Some more details on the function of the battery in Drobo: