DDR3-A and DRDR4-A

Hello everyone, I own both a DDR3-A and a DRDR4-A that stopped working all of a sudden. No accidents, they get shut down at the end of the day. So we purchased new power supplies for both. Still doesn’t work. Is there someone who works on these units?

I have to say this is the third Drobo unit we’ve owned that has done this. Drobo had a great reputation, but it’s not looking good for us and the units we own.

We have a DRO4D-D that did the same thing. Different outlets, but all of them are on a minimum of electrical spike protection.

I do appreciate any info.

Too many failures to be simply random failures…must be a power spike taking them out, even with surge protection. Could be your existing surge protectors are no longer up to the task. How old are your surge protectors and what else is plugged into them?

hi just to add that some surge protectors also have a little coloured plastic or glass window (which i think is filled in with a gas?) that somehow will self extinguish if a surge damaged the unit)… you might already be aware of those though just to mention worth checking too.

btw is there any more info you can post back with about how they were not working anymore - such as was it just that no power lit up anywhere, or did it get to a certain point and then stop?