DataRobotics Encrypted Data File Format: v2

Does anyone know how to decrypt the v2 format of the log file? The php and ruby scripts out there for decrypting v1 don’t work.

As far as I know, it’s not known how to do that

i thought it was just obfuscated where characters were substituted for something else.
(that might have been for the v1 logs though, as i remember tryign to decode my ones in the past and failing miserably, and a friend gave me some decoded ones) :slight_smile:

they’ve change it so its more complicated i believe

oh, ok thanks

I will confirm that it is no longer a simple XOR function. Entropy analysis on the file shows that a) a character histogram on the file is fairly flat: every character from 0-255 appears about the same number of times. b) attempting to compress the file shows no reduction in size (in fact, it made it slightly larger). Both of these suggest that a “real” encryption algorithm was used.

And, if they were smart/sneaky, the decryption key will be different for each drobo… perhaps based on a pbkdf2 hash of the serial number of the device.

good detective work :slight_smile:

theres probably some chance of decoding, if using older firmware or dashboard versions (but that could seriously impact the data on your existing drobo!) - so only for the test environment :slight_smile:

Regardless of any proprietary information, they’re trying to keep you captive.

My unit’s having all sorts of issues that may be caused by a bad drive, but the Drobo says all the drives are ok. It also says the drobo is ok. So why am I getting I/O errors and data under run errors?

Could be bad drive, could be bad drobo, could be interface (though I’ve tried 2 with same result). But since I’m out of warranty all they’ll do is recommend buying a new one and migrating. If they’d be honest and say the unit was dying I’d consider that. But why buy into a new black box? If I had the logs I could make an informed decision.

I’m offloading the drive (fun at 16TB) and plan on wiping entirely. After that… Synology sounds like a better bet.

Resurrecting an old thread here.

One of my second gen just did a rebuild for no apparent reason. I saw the rebuild complete message, but all drives are still showing green. I’m assuming one (or more) drive is having issues and is heading towards replacement. I tried to look at the log to see if it gave me any clues, but as this thread states it is encrypted and there seems to be no way to decrypt. Just in case I sent the logs to Drobo on a support ticket. Has anyone had any luck getting advice from them this way?

I set up the email notification in Dashboard, and just got a “Data protection in progress” email, followed two minutes later by “Storage rebuild completed”. All I want to know is which drive to replace. I had a flurry of email with Support as they “clarified my warranty situation” which of course has expired, and then nothing.

btw spiney, while not sure about the new logs, it might be good to replace the oldest drive, or a recertified one if you have it. i only say this as one of my drives recently failed here:

(and it was about 5 years old, and also happened to be recertified) - while not exactly a scientific experiement, im guessing that an old & recertified drive has seen many hours of use, and many hours on the road, especially if it had been initially shipped out, shipped back in for testing, and shipped back out for resell :slight_smile:

Looks like I have:

  • a Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB of 2008 vintage
  • a WD WD15EARS (2009?)
  • a WD WD20EARS (2010?)
  • a WD WD20EADS (2009?)
    so they’re all about ready for the great drive graveyard in the sky. I’ll do the Seagate first. The 3TB that’s going in is a WD30EZRX from 2012 or better.

ok good luck with the upgrades. (im almost finished sector scanning the last of the 4x2tb drives that will be going into my 5d, so far so good, but dont want to jinx it yet) :slight_smile:

As I had predicted (to myself at least), Drobo refused to help me with the flaky disak because I’m out of support. I can apparently buy a one-time support incident for $99 (see here) which is a little steep, so I’m just going to replace from oldest to newest and see what happens.

I’m about a day away from the first 5TB disk rebuild in my main Drobo finishing (I hope), and the second Drobo is rebuilding in parallel with the recycled 3TB in place of the oldest drive. There’s much less data on that one, so despite starting later it will probably finish first. Of course, I can’t see because I’m on a Mac with Firewire connection and Dashboard 2.7.1 only sees them about 50% of the time. I’m working in parallel to downgrade Dashboard.

btw try not to change too many variables at the same time if you can help it.
(you probably can manage lots of variables, its just that if something was to go wrong it might be hard to pinpoint the causes and best ways forward) - have you got backups btw? (not that i want to worry you) :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking! I have lots of backups of the computers and of the music from the main Drobo through Crashplan to the cloud. Most of the other contents of the main one are occasionally used things that I could get again on demand from the source. The second Drobo holds Time Machine and local Crashplan backups.

ok cool