Data "Spanning" time

This isn’t an issue, more of a usage question. I’ve only had my Drobo for a week and only Friday did I get all my data onto it and get the spare disks into it.

I just got my 4th drive in the mail to put into my Drobo (a 1TB). My question is, how long can I expect the “re-spanning” of my data to take? Also, will the re-spanning continue if dismount the Drobo volume from my computer? Or must the Drobo be plugged in for the spanning to continue?

My config:
Second Gen Drobo connected via FW800 to a MacBook Pro running 10.6
Dashboard 1.5.1 [1.5.19930]
Firmware 1.3.5[1.252.21110]
3x500GB drives.
762.37 GB used
138.40 GB free

I ask about the time frame because I know moving that kind of data can take up to 15 hours, and I need to leave my house early tomorrow and need to be able to take my laptop with me. If the computer needs to stay connected, I’ll have to wait till the weekend to put my new drive in. Usually when I dismount the drive, it looks like it goes into standby mode automatically.

It can take several hours. You can shut down your laptop and disconnect it from the drobo while it is rebuilding. Once it completes the rebuild process it will put itself into Standby.

Awesome, so if I wake up tomorrow and the rebuild is still going I can just dismount/disconnect no problem then. That’s a great feature, thanks.

Don’t dismount or disconnect first.

You will want to shut down your computer, then remove the data cable.

I think… from the way you phrased it, you had a perfect good drobo with 3 drives, then just added a 4th. in which case its not a rebuild, it will just be a background re layout, which wont stop drobo going into standby, so just Carry on using it as you normally would, and it will standby and resume quite happily whenever.

If i misread, and you had a 4 disk drobo and then swapped one disk for a bigger one… then that is a rebuild, and drobo will stay on until it is done.

basically if all the lights on the front are green - it will standby when you shut the computer down.

if the lights are flashing green/orange, it will stay no until the light all go green at which point it will standby

either way you can safely shut-down THEN disconnect your computer.

This is what it was. Added a 4th drive to a healthy 3 drive setup. And re-lay out in the background was what it did. Didn’t even notice a change in the behavior.

Sorry I just checked back, ended up ejecting the volume in the morning, but everything was fine. So far everything is working no issues.

Thanks for the help guys.

Just wanted to report back, I bought another 1TB drive to replace one of my 500GB drives. I put it in and the dashboard informed me it would take about 20 hours. When I woke up for work, there were 10 hours left, so I shut down, disconnected, by the time I got home from work, the Drobo had finished re-spanning and gone into standby. Easy as that.

Just a quick question, could I have just closed my MacBook and slept the computer before disconnecting in lieu of shutting down? Or is it best to shut down the computer entirely?

best to shutdown entirely