Data Recovery Software

I have a Drobo Series 2, USB-interfaced to a Windows 7 system where it appears as three x 2TB virtual drives. All three drives were corrupted by a power outage. I’ve managed to get one back by using chkdsk /x as recommended by Drobo but the other two can’t be recovered that way. As the next step Drobo recommend using R-Studio, Data Rescue or Stellar Phoenix to recover the data. Has anybody any experience with any of these that they can share - or any other way of recovering the data?

Use UFSExplorer, they can handel BeyondRAID!

Hi aikonch,

Thank you for replying so promptly, much appreciated.

Have you used this software yourself? If so any tips or gotchas?


We use often UFSExplorer, great software. But in forensic context…collect every harddrive and do an forensic image, the open all forensic images in UFS Explorer and let UFSExplorer do the magic…