Data recovery mode

hi. i had left my computer running with the drobo attached. it was copying folders from one drive to the drobo. i came back and everything is flashing green and amber but one drive is flashing red. it says it is a bad drive. it will take 65 hours to do data recovery. the drobo keeps ejecting itself repeatably over a period of time. it no longer shows up on drobo dashboard or on my desktop. what i want to know is while it is in data recovery mode, can i disconnect the thunderbolt cable from the drobo to my computer while it is in recovery mode. does it need to be attached to the computer while it is in recovery. thanks

Yes, you can disconnect it while it’s recovering. it does not need to be connected.

If the drive bay lights are flashing Green/Yellow, the Drobo is in Data Protection. This is a perfectly normal process.

Drobo can go into Data Protection for the following reasons:

  • Drive encounters errors, bad blocks or timeouts
  • Drive was added or removed
  • Dual Disk Redundancy was enabled or disabled

How Long will Data Protection run:

  • This depends on the amount of data on Drobo, Data Protection processes at the rate of ~24hrs per Terabyte.
  • ​Data Protection can run for a few hours or a few days (Legacy or older products may run for a week or longer)
  • How will I know when the data protection is done? The lights will stop flashing and the drive bays will turn Green

During the Data Protection Process:

  • Drobo must remain powered On
  • The data is accessible, you may continue to use Drobo
  • You may turn off or disconnect Drobo from the computer . As long as Drobo remains powered on, the Data Protection will continue to run.
  • The Drobo Dashboard will provide you with estimated time for completion (for older products it is not unusual for Drobo to lose contact with the Dashboard)
  • As long as the lights are steadily blinking Green/Yellow and the unit is not restarting or rebooting, everything is working normally

During Data Protection, do not:

  • Power off Drobo
  • ​Do not add or remove another drive

For additional information on Data Protection, see youtube video:

Data Protection - Lights Blinking Green/Amber