Data Recovery Advice Please

Hey all. My original thread is here: Can't raise a support Ticket - for quick reference, this relates primarily to a “too many drives removed error” with all the red lights solid. A support ticket has now been raised but is pending a reply as it was over the weekend.

I’m seriously looking more likely to have to consider some kind of data recovery process as I’m all but exhausted the options available within the knowledge base.

As a step I’m wondering if anyone has any intel on the best practice and process for data recovery given the Drobo’s proprietary software. So fair I’m aware I need to back up the data before doing anything and as I understand it all drives must be connected at the same time, but are there any other steps or recommendations that I should consider passing onto a data recovery house.

Running an old Pro 8.

Thanks in advance.


Too Many Hard Drives removed indicates one of the following:

  • Drive not detected or fully seated
  • Multiple Drives were removed from Drobo at the same time
  • One or more failing drive. This issue usually occurs after a drive was replaced and data protection started, if dual disk redundancy was not enabled it is likely you will need to Block Level Clone a drive.

You should have heard from support by now, the first step is to ensure all drives are securely seated:

Thanks @DroboMod - Yeah, I’ve had a slow experience with support as my unit is ‘Out of Warranty’ and unavailable for a support package so that’s fair enough I guess albeit a little disappointing. As you suggest I’m onto block level cloning now, and appreciate the reply.

It’s an exorbitant amount of money to restore the raid but I have been in touch with a supplier that is both familiar with Drobo and will only charge on successful recovery of the data. So at least that is something.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I see you have a support case, continue to work with support for final analysis.