Data rebuild in progress for no apparent reason

Hello everyone. This morning Drobo’s lights were blinking and Dashboard shows a rebuild in progress. It says all the drives are fine, why is it rebuilding?? I tried to get a diagnostic file, but it just reboot the Drobo and kept on rebuilding. No diagnostic file, no red lights, no error messages.

If my drives are fine, why is it going to waste 32 HOURS rebuilding?? This is crazy! Thoughts? Thanks!

A drive timed out then started responding again (I guess). To drobo it looks like a drive was pulled then reinserted.

Don’t take diagnostics while it’s rebuilding

Once it’s finished send DRI your logs and they will tell you which drive

The drobo is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It either noticed bad blocks or sectors or a drive or like Docchris said, a Drive timed-out. So it’s shuffling your data around to known good parts of your drives and ensuring your data is protected in case a drive fails.

Dochris - I appreciate the quick reply and I’ll send a log to support later. Thanks!

Jennifer - I’m a bit confused by your statement that it’s working as designed. It hasn’t indicated where the failure is, but it’s now telling me 92 hours to rebuild 3TB of data. I doubt that’s bad blocks. If there are that many, it should flag the drive red and I’ll replace it. If it was a time out, why is it taking 92 hours? How much did it move in those few minutes that it timed out? I could see a quick rebuild, but 92 hours doesn’t really make sense to me. Can you please explain what it has done that would take this long and why it’s not telling me a thing about the problem?


Unfortunately I cannot say without seeing a diagnostic file. There are numerous reasons why a rebuild is taking longer than expected. The drive could be failing and drobo needs the data off that drive and that’s why it has not marked that drive as failed. The drive keeps timing out but not even to flag as failed, but numerous time outs on a drive can extend the relayout process. It essentially is having to start over when a drive times out (like the drive has been removed and reinserted.). It could the amount of data and the type of drives. There could be corruption on your data.

Again, any numerous reasons. And unfortunately we cannot tell you until we see a diagnostic file and you cannot generate a diagnostic file until the relayout process completes.