Data Protection

Hey Guys, I have just purchased a 5D. I installed 2 6tb seagate ironwolfs and transferred 1.3tb of files to the drobo. In dashboard it states its doing data protection: In Progress and has been for nearly 96 hours. is this normal?

hi blaisemc,
can you remember if it started showing data protection (before you started transferring files) or if that happened at some point during or after?

if it was during (or after), then it may be that one of the drives encountered an error and that the drobo is protecting things again. (on older models it can usually take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have, to complete a full rebuild process, though may be quicker for you and if you do not use it at the same time if possible)

after it finishes though, it may be worth checking in dashboard (and also clicking on each drive bay for more info) in case there are any warning or healed messages shown for a drive, as well as to see what the drobo lights show and do. (hopefully they will finish both a solid green for you?)