Data Protection time increasing

I have a Drobo 4-bay drive, I believe a Gen 2. I purchased it in 2010.

We moved it and when we plugged it back in on drive light was red. We followed the on screen instruction and removed the bad drive and re seated it. I figured it had a connection issue from transport. The drive light went green again but the Drobo apparently assumed it was a completely new drive and went into data protection mode. We have about 2.2T of data on it, all of that is still accessible.

Our problem is the data recovery process does not seem to be completing. It started at 160 hrs, which we figured was excessive and started to go down. It went up to 194hrs over night with nothing running on the Mac.

How do we get the data recovery to complete?

hi, for the recovery rebuild process, its usually taking about 1 day per 1tb of data that you have on it.
(that can sometimes grow a bit if connected to a computer, especially if files are being accessed etc. you might not be using it, though might be worth checking in case mac spotlight is trying to index it, or something similar, in which case that could be slowing the process a bit too)

for future transport, its usually a good idea to power down the drobo, and to remove all drives and then to put them back in after the journey (ideally in the same slots) and to then power up.

though can i check if the drive you mentioned, had a solid red light on it, or was it actually blinking?
to re-seat a drive, its best done when powered off, to avoid an extra trigger for a rebuild (but now that is rebuilding, it should be done in about 1day per 1tb +/- a bit. :slight_smile: